About 16 weeks after we got the keys, and after countless calls and contractors – I think we’re finally completed with the renovation of the entire interior space.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you: the “final” product.

The upstairs unit - 1 bedroom

Nearing the end of this project — much like every single project — you get to a point where you’re excited for the end to come. Setting a goal is wonderful. As you get thisclose to that goal, you kind of want it pretty bad. This was just like that.

The top floor was ready first. It was our priority. We worked closely with our GC to get this unit wrapped up, have everything installed, have the suite cleaned and get it up for rent. The washer and dryer are all in, the kitchen appliances all set up (including the new chimney fan) and the high-speed internet fully operational. Now it’s time to rent.

We listed the suite for $1100 and rented it out for March 1st.

The main floor - 2 bedrooms

The main floor and the front half of the basement all belong to the largest apartment in the home. It’s got 2 bedrooms split over 2 floors, and a pretty amazing living room (I think). We put up a barn door to give it an element of hip. I love it, personally.

You can see the style is the same as the upstairs unit. We went for grey, white, black in terms of colour scheme. Some stainless steel as needed. But we think this way it gives a lot of room for people to add their own style pieces to personalize it.

What’s not shown in these photos is the 2nd laundry unit we have in the house. It’s in the lower bedroom.

I don’t know why, but my favourite apartment is this lower level studio apartment. It’s so cozy. Maybe it’s the carpet? I dunno. It’s great down here though. It’s clean, it’s dry, it’s warm. It’s pretty sweet if you’re on a budget.

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