We talked about some of the interior changes we were making, but there were some considerable changes outside and even underneath the house that we also worked on.

First thing that concerned us was the honking tree about 4 feet from the foundation of the side of the house. So, that’s scary. I’ve been around long enough to see what type of damage a tree that size can do to a house and it’s components. Typically, the tree roots grow and extend from the base outwards. It keeps going, and these powerful beasts can will their way through foundation and cement with no effort really. They especially are known for breaking up the waste drain line underneath houses – when those lines are made of clay (as they were 100 years ago). So we expected to be dealing with some of these tree-issues. Proactively, we decided to contact RCC Waterproofing to open up the side of the house, dig down and rework the foundation and then waterproof it.

Part of the waterproofing also meant that we put in a sump pump. Basically, the sump pump is lower than the house, so if water is rising and about to make it’s way into our lovely home, we want that water to be tossed back outside. So a sump pump does that. It literally is a little water well that, when fills with water, activates a motor and then BOOM tosses the water outside the house. It costs about $2200 for that, but there is a city rebate that gives you back about 80% of that. So, totally worth it.

We did a scan of the clay waste drain under the house, and sure enough, there was a bit of evidence of tree roots. Not much, but enough for us to want to deal with all of this now and clear that out. What that means, is more excavation – only this time INSIDE the house to lay down new waste drains. We wanted to reconfigure the back part of the basement anyways, so now we will.

The waste line at the front of the house also had a little blockage. So, preventatively again, we’re going to redo the waste line all the way to the city’s side.

While we’re at it, since we can see that the water coming into the house is coming through a lead pipe, we’re also going to change the water lines coming IN to the house. We’re going to 3/4 of an inch sized piping to give great water pressure in the house.

Go big or go home, right!

We’ve opened and now shut a big hole in the front of the house. We’re getting there!!

Here’s a little video of us some of the progress we made.

Video update of the progress so far

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