This is the beauty I just picked up. This is the “Before” photo.

Some of you know, I haven’t really made it a secret, but I’ve been getting more and more into helping people buy multi-unit residential properties. It’s not because I’m attracted to the housing type or anything like that – it’s simply because I’m interested in BUILDING WEALTH FOR PEOPLE!! Right now, I think owning a multi-unit residential property just happens to be the best investment vehicle in Toronto right now.

I’m not saying that in jest. There is no smirk here at all! I truly enjoy watching people around me make a lot of money and setting themselves (and their families) up for success. In fact, I’ve been thinking about changing my job title from “Real Estate Broker” to “Chief Wealth Builder” because I feel the latter describes me better.

I monitor the duplex and triplex market regularly. Just like a stock broker would monitor the financial markets. It’s important to be in tune with what’s happening in a subject you’re passionate about. When you’re so immersed in something, you start to see opportunities that others may not recognize. That’s what happened when my wife and I decided that our next purchase was going to be an investment triplex. I knew what we wanted, and I was there to take advantage of an amazing opportunity.

Most of you reading this probably have thought about buying some type of investment property, but probably stopped thinking about it once it became too large a task to handle. So, in an effort to help you see the ins and outs of finding, buying and managing a triplex, I thought I’d start a blog series talking about the things that come up – and the things you need to know about – when you’re ready to buy your first duplex or triplex.

Want to come along for the ride?

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