I’ve spent years – YEARS! – sitting in my car with clients/friends. Naturally, conversation ensues. Inevitably the chat gets past the weather, and the election and the sports scores – and it ends up going deeper and deeper. Work always comes up. “So, how’s work going?”

Over a decade ago (at the tail-end of my previous career), I used to absolutely cringe when I thought about work. I couldn’t understand why, I just knew that I pretty much hated myself on Sunday nights. If that sounds familiar to you, read on 😉

One of my old passcards

One of my old passcards

Really what it came down to was pretty simple: I was working in a career that wasn’t aligned with who I was. I did it for the money. I mean, I thought I was doing it because it was what I wanted. Though I don’t recall ever actually spending any time really thinking about life. I didn’t “take stock”. The money and the promotions directed my career path – I was just a passenger going along on a ride.

Until one day.

I remember so clearly still.. I was in Ireland for a wedding with my – then – girlfriend (now wife). We were walking in the town, and I just had some clarity on what I wanted to know, who I wanted to be. I didn’t care about the money, all I wanted to do was have a career in something I was actually passionate about and believed in. I wanted to control my career. I wanted to enjoy the work. It took me all of 3 seconds to realize that I wanted to get into real estate. So, right then and there, I walked into an internet cafe and signed up for the courses to get licensed to sell real estate. When I returned home, I didn’t want to wait another minute. I wanted to close the book on my former life and I was ready to start from scratch – with a life designed ON purpose.

If you know me, you know how that’s worked out for me. I’ve had a tremendous career. You know why? It’s because I love this. I love what I do. I’m aligned with what it takes to be successful in this position.

None of this is meant to be obnoxious or showy. That’ 100% NOT who I am. I wanted to share this because I have sat in my car with so many amazing people over the years. Many of them doing what they were meant to do – following their life’s calling. But a high number of them are NOT. And that’s what I’m not ok with. I’m writing this to let you know that you can make a change if you’re not happy. If you’re not aligned with what it is you’re doing, and where you are, you can absolutely do something about it. You can choose to life a life on purpose.

My buddy Charles and I were having coffee the other day, and we just expanded on this idea. He and I went through similar paths to get to where we each are now. If you aren’t happy, maybe this will help you see the possibilities. Maybe it will help you get some clarity. If it at least causes an internal conversation in your own mind, then I’m so happy that I was able to tickle your brain. 🙂

Know this: if you aren’t living your life on purpose, you can do something about it now.

qualityThere’s an old Chinese expression that goes like this: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now.” Plant that tree, my friend.

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